ThanksKilling (2009)


Plot: While on their way home for Thanksgiving break, five college kids run afoul of a homicidal turkey that wants them dead. As the cursed bird hunts them down one by one, the survivors scramble to find a way to defeat the possessed creature. Will the bloodthirsty turkey make this their last Thanksgiving feast ever?

My Review: Are you a fan of horribly bad movies? Are you a fan of intentionally horribly bad movies that make you laugh? If not, don’t bother with the movie. It really isn’t a HORROR movie. Its more like a skit that would be done on MadTV or SNL (for the record, I don’t watch either). Most of the jokes are horrible, you just roll your eyes at, but at the same time you manage to laugh or crack a smile.

The movie starts off “Moments after the first thanksgiving” with a pilgrim running through the woods, with her tits flopping out of her dress. The camera keeps zooming in on her boobs. You can hear what sounds like wings flapping and ….an evil laugh? All of the sudden out of nowhere a weird looking head of a turkey comes into frame…and says “Nice tits bitch” then kills her with a gold tomahawk!! Yes, not only is it a killer turkey, but it also speaks. He’s got a couple funny one liners, like saying “you just got stuffed” after raping a girl…yes, you heard that right too.

This low budget comedy type of film really isn’t my style, but after reading the plot and discovering that its only an 66 minutes long, I figured what the heck. The movie is funny, and entertaining…at least for the first 30 minutes, your interested in what the Turkey is going to do or say next, but after the 30 minute mark I just wanted the movie to be done.

Gore: There were a few shots that weren’t too bad. But overall you don’t see much. I’m curious how the turkey kills the first few people…as it doesn’t have arms…oh well.

Sexual Content: Tit shot in the beginning. The turkey is almost raped by a guy. And the Turkey rapes a girl doggey-style.

Acting: It is horrible. How can you expect anything more from a movie about a killer Turkey?! To be honest the horrible acting sort of works with the movie. You can then pretend its just some sort of skit. Its basically bad overacting.

Overall: As long as you know what to expect you will laugh at least a few times. To be honest, I’m shocked I made it through the whole film! If you want to see a really stupid silly movie about a killer turkey, then this flicks for you!

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    evildead13th says:

    I laughed and I cried from laughing so hard. I thought this was just sooooo bad it was just really funny. You said it best though Kat, as long as you know what to expect then you will laugh. I knew off the bat that this was going to be bad and not a serious horror film. Just threw it in my Q for a laugh and I got quite a few!


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