Paranormal Activity 2 (2010)


Plot: In this spine-chilling sequel to the wildly popular 2009 flick Paranormal Activity – A family with a new baby experience ghostly activity – doors slam shut, shadows moving across the floor, loud bangs & more.

My Review: The first time I saw the first movie was really really really late at night, like 3-4am, on my little computer screen on my birthday semi drunk. I remembered anticipating a lot of scares and then not really getting any. And in the end NOT enjoying it. I wasn’t into demons. I was lead to believe it was a ghost/haunting movie. I then saw another movie like it a year or so later called Paranormal Entity on Netflix and thought it was by far the better movie. Check out my review of Paranormal Entity here. But that made me want to see Paranormal Activity again. So Netflix was steaming that the following month and I gave it another go. It was a lot better then I remembered. But again nothing special.

When this movie was in the makes I figured it would be a story about Katie, and what happened to her, or about the next couple who move into their old apartment. Then the trailers came out with cool hidden things happening in them & of course there is Katie from the first film. A month or so before I actually got to see it someone told me it took place at the same time as the first one, but really its more of a prequel.

I saw this movie in HD, (which I did not see the original in so I’m not sure how they compare) but it overall had a crisp clear aspect to it. You could tell that more money had been put into it then the first one. Right off the bat, the house was bigger, and nicer, and the acting was much more decent. So that was a plus.

The scares. That’s probably what everyone wants to know about. How scary were they compared to the first movie? Well, some aspects of it were much more freaky to me. Such as having the little baby around and having things happen in the babies room and to the baby itself. That is a really frightening concept in general, then add a ghost/demon doing these things makes it extra creepy. There is another child in the home, but not much happens with her. Most of it focuses on the mother and baby. And there is a reason behind all that which they almost 100% explain, and again it goes back to the demon thing from the first movie, which I didn’t like in the first place. As for the scares, again they relied on a lot of sounds rather then doing really anything in particular. Directors and script writers need to know that small things are kinda spooky too. Like a rocking chair moving on its own, or something SMALL falling on its own that shouldn’t have fallen. Not HUGE bangs as something mega happens – like a certain scene in this movie.

Another thing that bugged me too. All the filler of shots of different rooms. Its like those youtube fake scare videos. Like “hey, look at this room, can you see anything out of place?” then some scary looking face appears on the screen. These PA movies remind me of those videos. Always looking so hard and close to each scene waiting to spot something small and scary going on and 9 times out of 10 nothing happens. So it comes down to all anticipation.

*NOTE* I recall seeing quite a few things in the trailer that were not in the BluRay version I rented from Netflix. I’m told there is an uncut version. So I’m not sure if this is it or not.

Gore/FX: No gore, just ghostly stuff. Footsteps, doors moving, people dragged around, etc.

Sexual Content: None.

Acting: I thought it was much better then the first film. It was interesting that they got actual actors – meaning people who’ve been in other things, not that the people from the first movie weren’t actors, but you know what I mean, people who’ve been in the business awhile.

Overall: It was put together a lot better then I expected. Not thrilled with the demon aspect, but interesting how they connected #2 to #1 as a prequel. I’d probably watch it again, but overall I kinda thought #1 was better – at least at this point in time I believe that. I can’t really pinpoint anything exactly, its just a preference I guess. As both movies I have rated as 3/5 stars.


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