The Telling (2009)


Plot: When a trio of college girls pledges a popular — but deadly — sorority, each must reveal the most horrific tale she knows in this anthology of spine-chillers. As the stories unfold, an unknown person at the sorority begins committing murder. The three distinct segments involve a homicidal doll, an undead crew directing a fading actress and a gory hunting tale ending in death. Stars include Bridget Marquardt and Holly Madison.

My Review: So I decided to watch this movie because I actually like Bridget and Holly, from the reality show “The Girls Next Door” and I really liked the show. I also know that Bridget really loves anything and everything horror, so I figured this COULD be semi decent, with  bad acting a given. But really overall the stories within the story, and the main story, were pretty boring, very tame, and sorta been there done that before.

The main story revolves around a bunch of beautiful snobbish sorority girls who gather for pledges to tell spooky stories. The person who tells the scariest story supposedly gets in the sorority.

The first story up is about a young couple. The man allows his ex-girlfriend to move in with them till she finds an apartment. One day the guy comes home with a creepy looking porcelain doll that talks when wound up. The doll turns out to be obsessed with the guy and causes mischief around the house.

The 2nd story involves Bridget and her being an actress who wants to be remembered on film. It’s a pretty disappointing story. The worst of them all actually. Not much actually to it without giving away the whole story. But she’s invited over to dinner where she discovers her crew members are the undead.

The 3rd and final story involves a house of girls who while prank calling someone they overhear a murder (hasn’t this been done to death?) they freak out when the killer keeps calling them back. Eventually a cop shows up, or is it really the killer? This was probably the most entertaining of them all.

Then we have the end to the main story, which was cheesy but its over pretty quickly and ties into the opening scene.

Gore/FX: There really isn’t any other then the first story.

Sexual Content: Holly and Bridget don’t get naked if that’s what you’re hoping for. One other girl does for a “trippy” scene but its pretty hazy and quick. Nothing other then a couple girls in bras or panties.

Acting: Its filled with chicks from Playboy. Honestly, what do you expect? For the most part the actors in the actual stories within the story aren’t that bad, its mainly just the sorority chicks that are bad, and I think those are mainly the Playboy girls.

Overall: Pretty boring. A little expected, but a tad disappointed. Oh well. In the end I wouldn’t recommend it. But it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as some other horror flicks I’ve seen.


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2 Responses to The Telling (2009)

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    evildead13th says:

    Now that’s something. A horror flick w/ chicks from playboy and NO ONE gets naked?! They’re Playboy models for fuck sake!!! Not that I need nudity to enjoy a horror film mind you but it I just find it funny that a movie w/ Playboy models doesn’t have them getting naked at all. Lol!

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    Kat says:

    Yeah I found it rather funny they didn’t get naked either, its like their “job” lmao


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