Creepshow 2 (1987)


Plot: In an homage to the works of EC Comics the rotting but amiable Creep introduces this anthology of three gruesome tales written by the master of horror, Stephen King. In the first story, a wooden statue of a Native American comes to life…to exact vengeance on the murderer of his elderly owners. In the second, four teens are stranded on a raft on a lake with a blob that is hungry. And in the third, a hit and run woman is terrorized by the hitchhiker she accidentally killed…

My Review: I rented this movie a LOT as a teenager, I loved it. For some reason I didn’t see the first one until I was in my mid to late 20’s, and I wasn’t a huge fan of it (hopefully I‘ll get around to reviewing it one day). But this one, this one held a special place in my heart, and I just kept going back for more.

Contrary to popular belief, Creepshow was not based on an already existing comic books series. Instead it was created as a homage to horror comic books of the 1950s such as Tales from the Crypt, The Vault of Horror and so on. I had always been under the impression that there were in fact Creepshow comics, but from what I understand only a comic book exists for the first movie, and it was released after the movie had already been released.

The first story is “Old Chief Woodenhead”, and its about an older couple who run a little store out in the middle of nowhere. The town has died off and the couple is struggling to make a living. Outside the shop there is a wooden statue the old man refers to as “Chief Woodenhead”. A man, the chief of his village, arrives and he pays off his debt by giving the old man his tribes jewelry…their most precious jewelry, and if he doesn’t make good on his debt, the couple is to keep it as payment. When the man leaves he stops at the statue and the statue seems to move…

Later that night, the old couple is attacked by a group of thieves, one is a relative of the man who brought the jewelry earlier. They are there to rob the place for money and get the jewelry so they can get out of town. But little do they know, Chief Woodenhead sees it all happen and goes out on the hunt for revenge later that night, attacking each and every one of the men for revenge against his owners.

Thinking about it now, as an adult and being so picky about my horror movies & books, if this was my first viewing I’m not sure I’d have liked this segment as much as I do. I mean, come on, a wooden statue coming to life to kill people, kind of silly. However, I do like the fact that he still appears wooden, and not like a fake rubbery substance, and you really don’t see him too much once he comes to life. Really just a shadow of him at one point, and another decent shot of him.

The second story is “The Raft” my favorite out of all the Creepshow tales. This one involves a group of four friends out for a swim on a lake, a jock, a dork, a quiet girl, and a bad girl. They swim out to a secluded dock, bask in the sun and notice a weird oily substance in the water that seems to be circling them.

One thing I’ve always liked about this story is that all the characters are likeable, and nothing is explained about the blob. Its just there. And it takes a normal thing (swimming at a lake) and turns it into something spooky while putting a twist on it other then killer fish or sharks. I didn’t like how Randy kept talking about it “hunting” them. On some level its cool, on another its just “strange” to me and almost a little silly now that I think about it.

The scene where one person falls in and reaches out for help telling them it hurts haunted me for awhile. It was creepy! Not only did I have to worry about Jason pulling me under, but now I had to worry about weird blobs being out in the lakes!

The “smart” thing for everyone to have done, was to swim as fast as possible when the 2nd person went down and got taken down by the “blob”. Its also funny how it burps at the end, and we see a “no swimming” sign. Okay, if there is no swimming, why is there a dock out there to swim to?

The third and final story “The Hitchhiker” is about a woman who’s cheating on her husband and wakes up late at her lovers house. She attempts to beat her husband home by speeding and in doing so, she hit’s a man accidentally (think I Know What You Did Last Summer..of course this movie came first, but the book to IKWYDLS came before both). But she drives away from the scene of the crime and as she’s driving she sees the guy she hit again, all beaten and bloody. She thinks she’s seeing things but he attacks her car and keeps yelling “Thanks for the ride lady”

For some reason I always disliked this story. I don’t know why. The guy saying over and over again “Thanks for the ride lady” got annoying. Its just not a favorite of mine. But the gore was pretty decent.

Then we have the wrap around story, with the kid getting the comics and his special delivery, nothing really special here sorta wished they left out this cartoon segment.

Gore/FX: Pretty decent. Nothing over the top or gooey, but at least there was no CGI. The Raft and The Hitchhiker were definitely more gory then Chief Woodenhead. There are some shootings, scalpings, and of course the hit and run.

Sexual Content: The first story has some breasts in nude photos. The Raft has a scene where a guy rubs one of the girls exposed tits. I remember watching this as a kid, and being surprised and interested by this scene, and then horrified haha! I guess back then I wasn’t exposed by nudity much! Another shot of boobs in the final segment.

Acting: The whole movie doesn’t have the greatest acting, but its still passable and fun. If you enjoy the movie overall, I’m sure you can enjoy the acting for what it is, classic 80s acting.

Overall: While I like the concept of a bunch of short stories, and I do enjoy the first two, the 3rd for some reason just isn’t that entertaining to me as it was when I was younger. I’ve averaged what I’d give each story and added a .5 to the rating. I’d say it’s a must watch for anthology horror fans or fans of 1980s horror flicks.

My Rating:

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2 Responses to Creepshow 2 (1987)

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    Evildead13th says:


    LOVE this movie! I love the segments in between w/ the kid getting picked on and of couse the Creep. For some reason I also love the ending segment w/ the Creep where the truck pulls away and he’s throwing the comics out the back of the truck and you just keep seeing the truck driving off into the distance while the credits roll!! It just has this creepy vibe to it (I’m sure the score helps this as well) and I just love how it’s shot! I know I’m weird but it’s just little things like this that are golden for me. Oh yeah, there’s the stories too!! LOL!! CLASSIC flick! I have to look for it on BD since my copy is a dual dvd release w/ Children of the Corn.

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    Kat says:

    I think this was one of those movies that I just absolutely LOVED as a kid/teen and I don’t love it as much grown up. Kinda disappointing that I don’t feel the same way I used to about it. But it happens.

    I remember rewatching Monster Squad when it first came out to DVD. I hadn’t seen it since I was about 17/18 and I was SO worried that if I watched it I’d hate it. So glad to know I still LOVE that one!


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