Little Demons by Marty Shaw (Book Review)


Plot: Welcome to Hale (Pop. 666). After a car heist goes wrong, a narrow escape from the police has Frank driving into the little town of Hale, where he thinks he’s found the answer to his prayers. Unfortunately, this is Hale and the little town has more in common with that other ‘H’ place than Frank realizes. He thinks an old farmer and his sexy daughter are the perfect victims to rob, but his opinion might change before the sun comes up… if he lives that long.

My Review: When I started reading this one it had been a month or two since I had read the plot, so I really had no idea what I was getting into other then the title of the book, something to do with Demons. I read the author’s previous short story Dead Man Walking, and loved it. So I figured I’d enjoy this one as well.

This one starts off with a man, Frank, on the run from the police, he‘s killed someone, but we don‘t know if there is more to it. He’s driving a stolen car and being pursued, so he quickly makes an exit off the highway and lands in Hale, population 666. Upon entering a convenience store he overhears a customer, a little old man, and the cashier talking about how the old man is very rich. Thinking he can make a quick buck, Frank decides to follow the old man home and rob him.

However, Frank is actually met with kindness from the old man and his daughter. So, instead of outright killing them and stealing their money, he decides to first try to bed the daughter, have a meal, and then go after the money. Only things don’t quite work out that way. He starts seeing things. Flashes of sharp teeth & red glowing eyes. Snakes, and being sexually aroused (graphically) by the daughter while he’s taking a shower, etc etc. It was rather easy to see from the getgo, where this story was going, somehow our lead didn’t see it at all.

For 99 cents in the amazon store its a quick enjoyable little read. If zombie are more your thing over demons/hell. Check out Shaw’s story, Dead Man Walking.

Overall: If I go on much more about this story, I’ll give it away. Sometimes its easier to write a review on a novel, because there is so much one can say without giving everything away. But, not in the case of short stories. In the end, this story, while enjoyable, and well written, wasn’t as good as Shaw’s first story, Dead Man Walking. This one was entertaining, but predictable.

My Rating:

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