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Plot: A rash of bizarre murders swept the country…Senseless. Brutal. Seemingly unconnected.A cop walked into a nursing home and unloaded his weapons on elderly and staff alike.A mass of school shootings. Prison riots of unprecedented brutality. Mind-boggling acts of violence in every state. They’re reading the names of those to be killed on the Emergency Broadcast System. You are listening over the battery-powered radio on your kitchen table, and they’ve just read yours. People are coming to your house to kill you and your family. You don’t know why, but you don’t have time to think about that any more. You only have time to….RUN

My Review: This is the first Blake Crouch book I’ve read. However, I have about 10 of his other books on my “to read” list because they were free via Amazon Kindle, and they sounded decent. I was drawn into this one mainly because it seemed like one of those “End of the World” stories, sort of like The Stand. I love end of the world scenarios for movies so why wouldn’t I for books?

This book starts off in the middle of “something” bad that’s happening. The reader has NO idea what’s going on for sometime. We are introduced to a married (but secretly separated couple) Dee and Jack, and their two children, Naomi and Cole. They are in the process of packing up supplies at their house, when Jack hears his name and address read over the radio. Since we have no idea what’s going on, we really don’t know the significance of it….for awhile. But come to find out, people are out to kill them and they must flee their house to avoid certain death. Again, we don’t really know why and we don’t find out for awhile.

The first 30% of the book is basically this family driving around looking for food & supplies while trying to avoid anyone for fear those people will want to kill them. I expected the events outlined in some plot descriptions (follow the link to see what I mean) to be within the book. But they are not, they are only spoken of once during a conversation. Honestly the first 30% was pretty boring and just as I was about to give up on it, it got more interesting. They do speak to a few survivors they run into and we hear a little more of what’s going on. They also discover a house in the middle of nowhere, where they survive for a little while, until they are forced to leave due to certain circumstances. From then on out, its all about surviving on foot without pretty much anything but each other.

Eventually they get separated and they have their own run-ins’ with the crazy people, and civilians who appear helpful at first, only they end up being bad, or have alterative motives. It wasn’t until all of this happened that I was actually rooting for the family to somehow survive and find their way back to one another. Even then though, I didn’t care for them that much.

The writing style had its moments for me and its weaknesses. I didn’t like how a lot of things seemed to be assumed. Like you already knew what was going on. Also the author had the opportunity to get really gory and detailed and chose not to for the most part. That was ok by me, but would have made it more interesting. He showed in some select parts of the book that he knew how to incorporate some gory details in there. So I’m hoping I get some of that in one of his other books.

In the end, the reasoning behind why everyone goes crazy is never FULLY explained, we know semi early on what caused it, but don’t know how or why it happened. Probably better off unexplained cause when you try to explain stuff like that it usually ends up making a bigger mess of things. It also ended sort of abruptly for my liking.

Overall: I didn’t love this book, but I didn‘t hate it. It took me awhile to get into, but once I got past the 40% marker I read through it a lot faster because it was more entertaining. It could have been so much better with at first focusing on the big events that kick started the craziness, then getting into this family on the run. I will, however, definitely check out some of Crouch’s other books, after all, I do have a ton of them now!

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