Madison County (2011)


Plot: A group of college kids travel to a small, mountain town called Madison County to interview the author of a tell-all book on the accounts of several grisly murders that happened there. But when the kids get to Madison County, the author is no where to be found and the towns people act like they haven’t seen him in years. They also say that the killer never existed and the murders never happened.

My Review: I expected this to be garbage. Redbox users rated this as a horrible filmed in the backyard sort of movie. So, I was happy when it turned out not to be nearly that bad, but honestly, I don’t have much to say about this one.

It’s the same sort of story we’ve all seen a million times in various other horror films. Kids – in this case college
students – drive to some town for some reason or another – for the purposes of this movie its to interview a man about his book which is on a local serial killer – and they end up getting involved with a family of killers.

Because its one of those movies that really has “been there done that” it needed MORE to it to keep me entertained and it really didn’t have much. The characters were alright, not a huge background story to them other then one of the girls and her brother. For some reason she’s hiding that she’s dating another guy in her group, and her brother has been sent to go with her to “protect” her from this guy. Its just stupid considering she’s a college student.

Honestly, I rented it because I saw the cover, a guy in overalls, a pigs head and an ax. Seemed like a possibly funny time, so why not? The guy was kinda funny grunting and whatnot, reminded me a little of Leatherface.

The ending just seemed all of the sudden. Why didn’t the lead guy go back and check for his friends? He didn’t know if they were dead or alive, he just hightailed it out of there.

Gore/FX: Some decent gore and death scenes here and there. I bet it could have been better and made the movie not so boring.

Sexual Content: A couple girls swimming topless as bait. Otherwise nada. Just some flirting.

Acting: Its not very good. But it’s a lot better then a lot of the Netflix streaming stuff out there that they try to pass off as professional.

Overall: The movie wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, the acting wasn’t brutal to get through, and it was decent quality for a straight to DVD sort of movie. But it was kind of boring. I found I couldn’t wait for it to just be over and then all the sudden it ended. Not a horrible film, but not great either.

My Rating:

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