Faint of Heart by Jeff Strand (Book Review)


Plot: Rebecca is frightened of spending the night alone, but she assures her husband Gary that she’ll be fine when he goes out camping with buddies. She knows she’ll spend the entire time jumping at every noise, but she also knows that the danger is all in her head. By Sunday night, Gary still hasn’t returned. And when somebody shows up at the house, it’s not her husband. At gunpoint, Rebecca is kidnapped. They also have her husband and will give him back to her, but first, Rebecca has to relive his entire experience, step by step…and survive…

My Review: I like to read short stories between longer books for something different and quick. Also because if it sucks, well then I didn’t invest too much time or money into it. But every once in awhile a short story or novella comes long and it makes me wish it was longer. That’s what happened with Faint of Heart. I loved it so much I wanted more.

The story is about a young married couple, Rebecca and Gary. Gary is going away for a couple days on a guys camping trip. Rebecca is staying home alone, and she’s not too thrilled with it because she gets spooked very easily. Off he goes and the “crazy” thoughts begin. She has to check the whole house at one point to make sure someone isn’t hiding
to jump out and kill her. She’s completely uneasy about being alone in the house. Now, some people might call her crazy, and if that’s the case, well then I guess I’m crazy too. Because I have had the same exact thoughts when I’ve been alone before over night. Even to the point where I’ve wanted to stay up all night long, because as soon as I close my eyes something is going to get me. Funny though, she has this same thought later in the book. So, I could REALLY relate to her thoughts. She felt very human to me. The author really conveyed her fear well.

When her husband doesn’t call, come home, or return any of her calls she begins to get worried. Its not too much longer until these guys show up and kidnap her. They tell her that she’s going to play a little game. They’ve kidnapped her husband and if she can make it through everything Gary has survived (or has he?) they won’t kill her or her husband. So, she goes along with it. At first its almost like a scavenger hunt. They give her little notes telling her where to go next and what to do there. Like going to a store and buying some beer, getting into a fist fight, and running for her life through the woods.

At first everything is rather tame. And while honestly there isn’t too much gore through the story, there is a lot of talking about things being gory. So if you don’t like that kind of thing this book might disturb you a bit on that level. This was much more of a psychological mind freak to me.

The whole time I was thinking that the “game” was some sort of joke her husband was putting her through to get over her fear and get her to go camping. Pretty twisted but you never know with these kinds of books.

Overall: This was well written and a very quick read, could be read in one sitting and probably better off if you do. It entertained me, got me thinking about what I would do in that situation and I could relate to the way the main character thought about things. I actually cared about her and wanted her to survive and kick the bad guys ass. As I said, it was one of those books I would have liked to continue on, yes, even putting her through more of their game to have more anticipation of what was to come, but even at the length it was, it was still a great read. I’d definitely recommend it, and look forward to checking out the authors other works.

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