Don’t Go in the Woods (2010)


Plot: A group of indie rockers seek solitude deep in the woods to write songs for a new album. But they soon realize they’re not alone when a sledgehammer-brandishing intruder arrives in this chilling musical slasher directed by actor Vincent D’Onofrio.

My Review: I saw the trailer for this movie months ago. I was a little leery about it, but it based on the trailer it looked interesting. Honestly, I sort of forgot all about it until last night when I was browsing new movies to Netflix streaming and saw this listed there. I immediately put it on.

The movie starts off with a band headed out into the woods. They are trying to come up with a few new songs for a CD and need the peace and quiet. Instead of just leaving their cell phones at home or in the car, they end up smashing
the shit out of them. Good plan! Idiots! Actually, other then the mention of cell phones the movie really has this whole 70s sort of feel to me. On the way into the woods they see a big red sign saying “Don’t go in the woods” they continue on anyhow.

Later that night a bunch of their friends (girls) end up crashing, thinking the guys are just up there to party. So they sit around the campfire singing songs, drinking, talking and smoking. Eventually the killing begins. At first its few and far between, but then it picks up in the last twenty minutes or so and really its not that hard to figure out who’s doing it. Or at least I thought so. There is one key point that makes no sense…at first. So to me it was logical that a certain something was going on.

Anyhow, this movie (at the time of this review) has an awful rating on with 2.8/10 stars! I was pretty shocked by that. But I guess if you don’t like this kind/type of music, or you don’t like musicals, then you would hate this movie, as 90% of it is music. I thought the music made sense for being in the movie. Granted some scenes/songs were unneeded. Like when a couple girls – or for that matter anyone not in the band – started singing. I liked that it didn’t seem like they really broke out into song randomly, well a couple of the girls did, but overall they were just singing to have fun, it wasn’t “weird” like it is in some musicals.

Because I like musicals and the music was decent in this, I felt entertained. The movie felt “unique” to me. Not that nobody has ever done a horror musical because its been done a few times, just not all that well.

Gore/FX: The gore was VERY decent. Not a whole bunch shown. But very decent. Had they shown a few more deaths on screen I might have even given this a higher rating.

Sexual Content: None. No nudity. I was a little surprised by this. Usually horror movies that involve camping with girls have nudity in it.

Acting: I read on Netflix that this was awful acting. Honestly, people just don’t know what bad acting is anymore apparently. This wasn’t bad at all. In fact, I was kind of surprised that it was so decent. That being said, a couple of the girls aren’t the greatest actors. But this is NOT one of those school project/filmed in the backyard sort of films.

Overall: While it wasn’t by any means a great film. It entertained me with the plot, music, and horror/gore aspect. It was something different then the usual slasher movie so it made it more interesting. I had fun while watching it and I’d definitely watch it again. But I would recommend checking out the trailer or music clips on YouTube to see what kind of music it is before you decide to give it a watch. Especially if you are really picky about your music.

My Rating:

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6 Responses to Don’t Go in the Woods (2010)

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    Kat says:

    I totally forgot to mention that I think the main guy looks like Frodo (Elijah Wood). Also one of the girls reminds me of a younger Mariah Carey

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    Kat says:

    I’ve now seen this movie at least 15 times. . . and I’m now utterly confused by the entire ending. I thought it was rather easy to figure out, but the more I watch it, the more I think they were trying to make it hard to figure out.

    Now I know the lyrics by heart pretty much. I love them. Sorry to those haters out there, but they were fun.

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    Kayla says:

    what the HECK is up with the ending i don’t understand it AT ALL, its a great movie personally i feel like they should make a soundtrack just so i can download the song “ringtone” but other then that I DONT GET THE FREAKING ENDING SOMEONE EXPLAINNN !

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    Kat says:

    I really wish they’d release a soundtrack too. I’m bummed there isn’t one out there.


    As far as the ending goes, I have a couple theories. #1) Nick is the killer. He’s fighting with perhaps a split personality. However, its pointed out to me that towards the end when the french girl makes it back to camp after her friend is killed, Nick can be seen in the background. #2) Its Nick’s brother and Nick working together. Nothing is ever explained about his bother other then something happened to him.

    Either way, Nick doesn’t seem to be in fear at all. So he’s definitely part of it. I mean, who would stop mid run while a psycho is after you to start singing and playing guitar. LOL. He also doesn’t seem surprised when the killer is pretty much right in front of him in the woods while he’s playing.

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    Aaron says:

    Saw this movie the other night and really liked it. Thought it was fun and really liked the music. ‘Give that baby my name…’ . I thought it was great and i applaud d’onofrio for his efforts. My current favorite horror flick is 28 days later. Such a great flick.

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    Jay says:

    “Honestly, people just don’t know what bad acting is anymore apparently.”

    You’re right about that, but in reverse. These amateurs displayed some of the worst acting I have ever seen. Still, the script was lousy to begin with, so the actors aren’t completely to blame.

    The singing was bad, too, as were the songs themselves. I finally decided to fast-forward through the songs in the second half of the film. The voices were painful to my ears.

    As for the ending, I believe he was merely battling his own demon. After he had rid himself of his bandmates, who were causing him so much frustration and grief because they were content to be just a party band, while he wanted much more, he was ready to launch his solo career.

    The main problem with this film is that D’Onofrio had a barebones script with nothing for his characters to actually do, so he pads the movie with a bunch of painfully bad songs.


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