The Barrens (2012)


Plot: A man takes his family on a camping trip and becomes convinced they are being stalked by the legendary monster of the New Jersey Pine Barrens: the Jersey Devil.

My Review: I received this movie to review the other day, and honestly hadn’t heard anything about it. Of course I’ve heard stories about the Jersey Devil over the years, but at the time I sat down to watch this I couldn’t remember a single one. Thankfully, they do a spooky story around the campfire a little ways into the movie, and we hear the legend of the Jersey Devil. I personally don’t like these sorts of stories now that I’m an adult – the weird half this half that creature type – but completely bought into them as a child so sometimes its interesting to watch a movie about them.

The movie starts off with a married couple and two children headed off for a weekend of camping at a state park. The father is clearly annoyed from the beginning about anything and everything and he just gets worse as the movie goes along. Demanding people not use their cell phones and even breaking them. Obviously he is not well.

They decide to separate from all the other people there camping together in one big group. So they head miles away where they discover a shredded tent and dead dog. You’d think they’d leave, but nope, they continue on and the father gets crazier. He begins hallucinating…or is he? The whole movie up until the last 5 minutes are pretty much trying to figure out if the father is just sick, or if the Jersey Devil is really out there hunting them.

The one thing that really bothered me about parts of the story is that the father mentions how he once thought he saw the Jersey Devil out in the woods, and he honestly seems to believe in it and is scared of it so WHY on earth did they go THERE?

In all honesty I was rather bored and couldn’t wait for it to be over. While the movie didn’t have poor production values, or really that bad of a plot, it was just boring. Not much was happening with it other then the father being sick, and wondering through the woods finding a few bodies here and there that were gutted.

Gore/FX: There were a lot of disembowelment’s shown after the fact. A lot of the gore that we see as its happening appears to be CGI’d. Like a deer we see in the beginning of the film. The Jersey Devil was actually…decent for the creature that its supposed to be. I was surprised how well it looked after hearing the description.

Sexual Content: None.

Acting: Overall the acting wasn’t that bad. But I didn’t really like the daughter, she was by far the weakest out of them all. I don’t really care much for Stephen Moyer, even though I do watch True Blood. I don’t care for him much in that show either. Just a personal preference I suppose. Funny that he plays a Vampire in True Blood, and the woman who played the mother, Mia Kirshner,  played a vampire in The Vampire Diaries.

Blu-Ray DVD Special Features: There was only one deleted scene and it didn’t add too too much to the story. It was basically a final scene to the movie. I can also say I wasn’t really impressed with the picture quality of the BluRay. Some movies look crisp and this one looked foggy, almost as though I wasn’t watching a BluRay.

Overall: As I said, I was bored, and wasn’t really entertained. I think the movie needed more going for it then the father just being an asshole who was sick and freaking out.

My Rating:

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2 Responses to The Barrens (2012)

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    Victoria says:

    That’s very nice post ,i love this,thanks for the information.

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    Hunter says:

    Thank you for posting your review of The Barrens, Kat! I wish I had read this before I watched the movie. . I went online and rented it on Friday evening shortly before leaving my office at DISH. The movie was downloaded and ready to watch from my Hopper DVR before I got home. I was pretty disappointed after watching the film. I don’t think Bousman knew what kind of movie he wanted to make. Was it a horror movie, a psychological thriller, or was it a Lifetime movie of the week? I feel bad for renting it; I don’t suggest that anyone runs out to buy it.


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