The Wrong Number 2 (Fear Street #27) by R. L. Stine (Book Review)


The Wrong Number 2 by R. L. StinePlot: “You’re not safe anywhere. I’ll get my revenge!”

Can it really be the killer on the line? He has to still be locked up after trying to kill Jade and Deena last year. Maybe the calls are just someone’s idea of a sick joke. But who else could possibly know the things the caller knows?

Then they realize that someone is nearby, watching them, close enough to know their every move. Someone who desperately wants revenge. Someone who wants to reach out…and kill them.

My Review: There’s not a whole lot to say about this one. It was basically an unneeded sequel (to The Wrong Number) that again, to me, was very easy to figure out from the beginning.

In this book Jade and Deena are still best friends, Jade is basically cheating on Chuck, who has moved away, with anyone she can. Then prank calls start happening and the girls get scared that somehow the killer from the first book is back and after them again. Of course that’s impossible because he’s been in jail for the last year. Right? Actually, he might be getting out on a technicality. Not only are Deena and Jade frightened, but so is Mr. Farberson’s ex-girlfriend. Who thinks he’s going to come and kill her the moment he’s out of prison.

There is this whole side story of money being hidden at Farberson’s old house. The same house where he murdered his wife in the first book, and the kids got framed for her murder. So when Chuck unexpectedly moves back to Fear Street and catches wind of this, he decides it’s a great idea to go back to the house and search for the money!

Eventually there is another showdown with those that are behind the events of this book, and its all wrapped up in a neat little package.

Quite frankly, I thought the first book was much better. It felt “older” then some of the other Fear Street books, but this one felt younger in the way it was written and the personalities of the teens in the book were younger feeling and honestly kinda flat. I just didn’t care about them really or what was going on in the book. Maybe that was because it was easy for me to figure out who was making the phone calls and who was behind everything.

Overall: With that being said, it wasn’t a bad book, it just wasn’t a great Fear Street book and really it was just an unneeded sequel. It took me forever to get through it due to some family stuff going on at the time.

My Rating:

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