Slumber Party by Christopher Pike (Book Review)


Slumber Party by Christopher PikePlot: It was the perfect weekend…for murder.

Lara thought the ski trip should be a blast. The old gang was getting together again for the first time in years. What could be better than six single girls out for sun and ski and apres ski — plus a huge house and a warm fire? Even with the memory of what had happened the last time, it looked like the perfect weekend. Until things started to go wrong….

It wasn’t much at first — a snowman that melted when it shouldn’t have, a weird phone call. But then somebody went out for “one last run” and didn’t come back. And the storm they heard about on the radio was getting worse. Lara thought everyone was up there for a good time. But she was beginning to realize that someone was up there for murder.

My Review: Slumber Party isn’t all that different from the book “Weekend” also written by Pike. I recently finished that and reviewed it. Had I realized they were so alike I probably would have split them up and read them further apart. But really it isn’t a big deal. Honestly, out of the two of the books I found this one a little more enjoyable as far as a “scary” book goes because Weekend didn’t end up really being horrific.

Like “Weekend” this book also has an accident that happened years before that comes back and bites the main characters on the ass. In this case there was a fire involving this same bunch of kids. So, fast forward 8 or so years and all the girls who had a hand in the accident are invited for a weekend of skiing at Nell’s house, the girl who fell victim to the fire accident many years ago. They also bring along their new friend Celeste who is just weird from the get go. She’d had some sort of accident in the past and wasn’t able to ski, but decided to stay back with Nell anyhow.

There is a little tension in the air between the survivor and the rest of the group, as they haven’t seen each other much, if at all, since the accident. And there is definitely tension between the rest of the characters. Two of the girls are running for homecoming queen and so they always argue about anything and everything. Its no different when a cute guy arrives to the lodge and they begin to fight over him.

People start going missing, and frozen puddles of snow are left at the scene of the “crime”. That part was a little odd for me to figure out. But I thought the ending was very obvious, I knew who was behind everything going on because it wasn’t hidden that well. Suspicion was really only placed on one person who ended up having nothing to do with the book really, or the missing girls. Maybe subconsciously I remembered who the culprit was, but the twist ending was predictable to me.

Like I always say about Christopher Pike, his books definitely feel like they are aimed at older teens then R.L. Stine’s Fear Street series. And his books are put together with much better character development.

Overall: I have got to stop writing reviews for books months after I’ve read them. Makes it hard to remember anything specific to write about. But I really wanted to review this one, life just got in the way. Quite frankly I don’t remember there being anything bad in this book. In fact, it was enjoyable just nothing amazing.

My Rating:

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3 Responses to Slumber Party by Christopher Pike (Book Review)

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    Lexa Cain says:

    I appreciate your take on Pike. I’ve never quite understood his success, but teens seem to adore his work. If I want to be scared, I’ll read some King, Koontz, or McCammon. Thanks for the review. 🙂

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    Kat says:

    I’ve read a few King books, and Koontz novels, but never McCammon, although, I think I have one or two on my to read list, but something always stops me. None have really scared me, other then Intensity by Koontz. That’s probably the most terrifying book I’ve ever read. Although I was an impressionable teen when I read it.

    I think I’m just a huge fan of the teen slasher genre, and that’s what draws me to Pike’s books.

  • I’ve never read any Pike books…they were popular when I was a bit older. I remember ny nieces reading him. This sounds fun. Sometimes it’s nice to read a no brainer kind of book as long as it’s entertaining.


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