Fright Night 2: New Blood (2013)


Fright Night 2Plot: Studying abroad in Romania, high schoolers Charley and Ed must stop a sexy vampire’s chilling plan to bathe in the blood of a “new moon virgin” — who happens to be Charley’s ex-girlfriend. The guys enlist the help of a vampire-hunting TV show host.

My Review: After the disaster of Fright Night the remake (read my review by clicking the title if you want to know why I thought it was crap) I didn’t think this sequel to the remake could be much better. And other then some obvious flukes, it was actually the better of the two. That’s saying a lot since it was filled with a bunch of nobodies, and it was obviously NOT a sequel. No way it could have been.

First of all, everyone is played by new actors. Ok, some sequels can forgive that. Then we see that “Evil” Ed is still alive. Wait what? He straight up was staked and burst into flames in the first film. But then Amy is in the movie too, and turns out Charlie (who of course is in the movie) and her are broken up. There is also Peter Vincent, but he’s not a magician, he’s a host of a TV show like Ghost Hunters. And the biggest blunder of them all, is that Charlie (and everyone else who was involved with the vampires in the first film) know nothing about any vampires. And Peter Vincent doesn’t even know Charlie! Which he should if this were a direct sequel. Instead, what we have here is another remake, with a title that screams sequel.

But seriously, that HUGE annoyance (for me) aside, the movie was actually better then the first remake. Charlie and Evil were a little more like the real Charlie and Evil from the original, and a few scenes were remade and paid homage to the original film. Geri Dandridge is also in this film, but a woman professor, who happens to have a huge back-story on who she is. So that was kind of an added bonus plot.

Charlie and his class (college?) go to Romania to study art. Their teacher is Geri Dandridge who Charlie keeps seeing doing weird things. Like feeding on people, jumping down the side of a building, etc. Not to mention her weird demonlike eyes blink at him from time to time. His friends don’t believe him when he tells them, other then Evil giving him the benefit of the doubt, and together they learn the history of Geri Dandridge and work together to hire Peter Vincent to help them stop Geri. Turns out Geri is Countess Dracula aka Blood Countess aka Elizabeth Báthory. So at least this film tried to tie in some real history with the homage’s to the original Fright Night and its sequel.

To be honest, there wasn’t much I didn’t like about this movie other then Charlie was a little weird. And of course it cannot compare to the original Fright Night in any way shape or form. But, overall, it was a good Vampire Flick.

Gore/FX: The movie wasn’t over the top gory, and some CGI was used, but it was actually very decent. I thought some of the different shots were pulled off well. Not what I expected for straight to DVD “sequel”.

Sexual Content: Yup, there were a couple strippers naked. But none of the main cast shows anything.

Acting: The acting was superb for a bunch of people I didn’t recognize and a straight to DVD sequel that’s not really a sequel. I actually enjoyed the actors better in this then the known actors in the original remake. Although Colin Farrell played a sexy vampire, I didn’t think he got to show off just how sexy and spooky he could be at the same time. He could have done a lot more romancing the mother, and stalking the cast. Oh well, this isn’t a review about that film. Been there done that.

Overall: If you didn’t like the original remake to Fright Night, and you are like me and are a hardcore fan of the original film. Try giving this one a shot going in thinking of it as another remake. I think you’ll find that this should have been the official remake. Enough changes to make it different, but not so over the top and unlikable like the original remake was. I wish I had gotten this one for free to review instead of the other remake. I nabbed this one from Redbox for $1.

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