Last Shift (2015)


Last Shift (2015)Plot: Officer Loren’s first night on the job is to guard a closing police station all by herself. Unfortunately for her the night becomes one made from nightmares, when the station turns out to be haunted by the cult members who killed her father and a bunch of girls the year before.

My Review: I had this on my Netflix queue for months. I just felt it was going to be one of those crappy horror movies Netflix always seems to get to stream. You know the one, bad acting, bad plot, just overall waste of time, terrible. But since I’ve been trying to start reviewing again and it looked like really the only decent horror film (out of many) in my queue, I decided to give it a shot.

The basic premise of the movie is that its Officer Jessica Loren’s first night on the job, and her first assignment is to watch the old police station for the night, reroute any calls that might come in (but shouldn’t) to the new station, and direct any walk-ins to the new station as well. While she’s waiting there a team will be coming in to collect the rest of the “hazardous” materials (AKA Evidence) that was left behind and she just needs to let them in to do their job.

But things start getting weird very fast. First of all the Sargent that greets her and tells her of her duties is acting very strange, yelling “that fucking cop” and kicking a door, like he is reacting to someone else in the building. But supposedly nobody is there. And telling her not to come closer, turn around, etc, before he even really meets her. I suppose that could make a little sense later, if you put two and two together. I am under the assumption that he believed her to be a ghost and was checking her out to make sure she wasn’t.

Jessica soon finds herself alone and things begin getting even more strange. Lights flickering, strange phone calls from a girl who says she’s going to be murdered, a homeless man appearing and causing issues. She locks him up in a holding cell where she ends up locked inside with him for a brief period of time. Its here things got a “little not so happy horror movie” for me, meaning I didn’t really like this aspect of it. She gets locked in the cell with the guy, some ghostly being gets a hold of her flashlight and taunts her, and then the door is open again and she’s alone in the cell with the guy. Now, I know you’re a female cop, alone, on your first shift. But still, why wouldn’t you pick up the phone, call the real station and say “hey I’ve got this guy over here locked up, someone come and get him” or call and say all this weird shit is going on. That really irked me. Even though a little while later an officer appears to check in on her…we soon see he isn’t all he appears to be. I just didn’t feel like Jessica’s reactions were that of a normal person, especially a police officer. Only once (if I recall) does she request backup and when shes met with static she just gives up like its no big deal.

Finally we figure out the real story through various aspects. She’s being haunted by a cult of Manson like people who killed a bunch of people, including her father who was an officer, the previous year. At first it was a short question of “are they ghosts or are they are real” but teats quickly answered or is it? She has tons of interactions with ghosts and realizes they are ghosts mainly when she had been talking to one and as they walk away she sees a clear bullet wound and the person disappears. Also she speaks to another officer (or was it dispatch, can’t recall at this moment) who finally tell her they mainly got a new station because of how haunted the last one was.

The ending for me…well I wasn’t a huge fan of it. Well, I was and I wasn’t. Once we see the main cult leader, I thought he looked creepy as fuck. Awesome as hell! Worked for me! However the final final ending is what I’m talking about here. I’ll just go to say that they really play with you again….are these people ghosts or the rest of the family they didn’t arrest? They semi answer that question, but in answering it they bring up a few more questions. In the end I think Jessica was just so terrifed she saw what she saw because of what she went through. I’ll leave it at that.

What didn’t I like about the movie? That sometimes these sorts of movies are all over the place that my brain just keeps thinking too much where I can’t actually enjoy the movie. For the beginning and end that wasn’t so, but the whole middle part of the film I couldn’t shut my brain off to enjoy what was going on. Plus as I said above, I didn’t like that not once really does she try to contact people about what is going on at the station. I suppose she does try to call for backup that one time, but doesn’t try again, or before. She does keep calling dispatch about the mysterious calls, and at one point she calls the Sargent and chickens out. But still, if that was me I would have hightailed it out of there or repeatedly called for backup!

What did I like about the movie? The atmosphere and the way the lead really carried the movie pretty much by herself with only a few other interactions with characters here and there. I also liked the feeling that I was in another chapter of Silent Hill or Resident Evil. Because both of those movie franchises totally screwed up making it seem like they were even remotely related to those games.

Gore/FX: Not really gore. But there are many dead bodies here and there, a gory bullet wound to the head. Things like that. But nothing over the top. The evil guys makeup at the end looked pretty awesome and freaky.

Sexual Content: None. Just a few dead girls here and there in bra and panties.

Acting: Really well done honestly. A breath of fresh air when it comes to some of these streaming horror films on Netflix. The main actress, Juliana Harkavy, really held her own being pretty much the only person in the movie for the most part. She was also in a few episodes of The Walking Dead as one of the Governors people.

Overall: So overall I did enjoy the movie, it was a fun watch. I was entertained the entire time. I’m not sure if I would watch it again. Maybe a few years down the road, but it wouldn’t be a favorite of mine. I’d recommend it to people who love ghost movies and thrillers.

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