All-Night Party by R.L. Stine (Fear Street #43)


All-Night Party by R.L. StinePlot: Gretchen and her friends know Fear Island is an awesome place to have a party. You can dance all night, share secrets with your best friends, fall in love….or die. Because there’s a madman loose on the island. A killer who plans to spoil the party. The birthday girl gets to go first, of course. Who’s next?

My Review: Unlike the last Fear Street book I read (College Weekend), this book has a lot more characters, which means a little more mystery of who’s behind whatever is going to take place. Right in the beginning we learn that this group of friends is headed out to Fear Island for a surprise birthday party. The first step? Kidnap the birthday girl. Gretchen just moved to Shadyside and is new to the group of friends which include, Hannah, Gil (Hannah’s boyfriend), Jackson, Patrick and of course Cindy, the birthday girl. There is also Marco, who is Gretchen’s boyfriend. She’s trying to give him the brush off as the guy just doesn’t get the hint that she wants to break up. He wasn’t invited to the party, but shows up anyhow. Gretchen doesn’t know them all that well, especially Jackson who gives her the creeps. She’s been getting hang up calls in the middle of the night for the last few weeks and her gut says its Jackson doing them. (I don’t think they ever revisit this and say who it was)

Patrick ends up telling them a story on the way to the island. Apparently there is an escaped prisoner on the loose and he was last spotted in the Fear Street woods. He was locked up for the murder of three girls. Half the people want to turn back because they are too scared, the other half don’t. They make the point that they’d still have to go all the way to the island to get their stuff and find a new location, so they decide just to go and stay at the cabin and have fun. Wouldn’t the killer want to get outta the location he was last spotted in? So off they go to have their fun.

Marco is unexpectedly there waiting for them, and he often likes to jump out and frighten Gretchen. She’s annoyed that he’s there, but she deals with it. Theres a lot of dislike between Hannah and Cindy over Gil, as Gil used to be Cindy’s boyfriend, and she constantly flirts with him and he flirts back.

Soon one of their friends ends up dead and the game of whodunnit begins. While we have a ton of suspects really the suspicion falls on two main characters. I liked this because it kinda reminded me of CLUE. You’ve got all these kids running around trying to piece together who killed their friend. They make it obvious, then not so obvious, and back and forth again.

Overall: I enjoyed this one a lot more then the one I read the other day (College Weekend) I felt like this book had a lot of characters that were actually likable where the other didn’t. Plus this one also just seemed more fun and more adult.

My Rating:

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