Brain Dead (2007)

[rating:1.5/5] In this low-budget horror flick from director Kevin Tenney, a sleepy fishing port town is consumed with terror when a small crater crash-lands nearby and releases a slimy parasitic agent that transforms the residents into brain-eating zombies. Cornered in an abandoned fishing lodge, six strangers are forced to band together to stave off the blood-sucking monsters clawing the walls outside. Continue reading

Dead and Breakfast (2004)

Six friends get more than they bargained for when they spend the night at a bed-and-breakfast in the backwater town of Lovelock. When the B&B's owner and the chef don't survive the night, the travelers are the prime suspects. But the tables (and suspicions) turn when the townspeople become possessed by an evil spirit and besiege the young people in the B&B.

Another Netflix streaming film I avoided due to the bad rating. I actually avoided this for six months! Today I watched part of the trailer and realized SO many people were in this I just had to watch it. I’m just glad that I knew going into it that it wasn’t a serious movie, that it was more of a dark comedy with zombies. In fact, there is even a singing zombie… Continue reading

Fright Night (2011)

Charley is a high school senior who’s on top of the world—he’s running with the popular crowd and dating Amy, the most coveted girl in school. But trouble arrives when Jerry (Colin Farrell) moves in next door. He seems like a nice guy––at first. But there’s something not quite right, and no one else, including Charley’s mom seems to notice. After his classmates start to mysteriously disappear without a trace, Charlie discovers that there is more to his new neighbor than meets the eye. Now he must do all he can to protect his mom and girlfriend Amy.

When I heard they were remaking this movie I got pissed. I loved the original film. Grew up with it. I even “sorta” enjoyed Fright Night Part 2. I had no idea what to expect out of a remake for this... Continue reading

Grave Encounters (2011)

In this horror flick, the stars of a paranormal-investigation TV show spend the night in a derelict psychiatric hospital, hoping to uncover what's been going bump in the night. As their cameras roll, they find themselves trapped -- and hunted.

Netflix users rated this one pretty decently, so I figured I’d give it a try. The movie starts off with a producer explaining how he got a video in the mail for a reality based ghost hunting show... Continue reading

Hatchet (2006)

[rating:4/5] When Ben (Joel Moore), his friend Marcus (Deon Richmond) and assorted strangers embark on a creepy nighttime boat trip into the bayou, their journey takes them into the lair of Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder), a freak of nature whose deformity has turned him into a bloodthirsty killer. Only Marybeth (Tamara Feldman), one of the travelers, holds the secret that may keep them alive. Horror legend Robert Englund co-stars in this comic gore fest. Continue reading

Holliston (2012) The First Season

Two down-on-their-luck aspiring horror movie filmmakers try to break out of their small hometown of Holliston, Mass., and into the Hollywood big leagues while struggling to make ends meet and learning to deal with the opposite sex. Starring horror directors Adam Green and Joe Lynch.

Being that I have “liked” Adam Green’s page on Facebook, I’ve often seen his updates regarding FearNet’s first original show, Holliston. But in all honesty, I had no idea what it was about... Continue reading

Jack-O (1995)

[rating:2/5] On Halloween night a group of grave-robbing teens accidentally unleash Jack-O, a pumpkin-headed demon that begins killing townspeople. Sean Kelly, one of Jack-O's main targets, tries to find out what the creature wants and how to stop it. The history of the murderous monster, which has almost been forgotten by the locals, is tied to the death of warlock Walter Machen. Continue reading

More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz (Book Review)

[rating:2.5/5] Is it possible to die - and not know it? What happens when someone is buried, but isn’t really dead? Can a thief get away with robbing a corpse? Here are over two dozen scary stories. Some are funny, some are macabre, and some are just plain spooky. All of them are perfect for telling aloud in the dark or for reading alone…IF YOU DARE! Continue reading

Night of the Demons (2009)

[rating:3/5] When she set out to throw the ultimate Halloween party, Angela (Shannon Elizabeth) picked the spookiest site she could find: the rumored-to-be-cursed Broussard Mansion. But by "ultimate," she didn't mean for it to be her last. Still, thanks to gates that have inexplicably locked, Angela and her friends (Edward Furlong, Monica Keena, Bobbi Sue Luther, John F. Beach, Michael Copon and Diora Baird) are now trapped inside with no way out. Continue reading

Piranha 3DD (2012)

There's blood in the water when a hungry pack of piranhas set their sights on scoring tasty morsels from a bustling water park. The all-star cast of potential victims includes David Hasselhoff, Christopher Lloyd, Gary Busey and Ving Rhames.

After viewing this last night, quite frankly I don’t have much to say about this movie other then I didn‘t like it. So I’ll keep this rather short... Continue reading

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