Puppet Master (1989)

[rating:2/5] Andre Toulon (William Hickey) harnesses the power of ancient Egyptian magic to breathe life into his crew of marionettes, who morph into demonic killers. Many years later, a group of modern psychics looking for clues to explain a mutual friend's mysterious suicide end up trapped in a creepy hotel stalked by Toulon's miniature assassins. Continue reading

Road Trip by J. Tanner (Book Review)

In exchange for a burger and a chocolate shake, Shan’s elderly neighbor, Mr. Parker, lures him away from a day of video games with talk of seeing zombies on television and going to kill them. As they get further from home, Shan becomes more and more concerned that Mr. Parker has gone from amusingly eccentric to crazy...

When I originally purchased this (for free) I was under the impression that it was horror. I read a couple reviews after I purchased it that cleared up the fact that no, it was not really horror... Continue reading

Satan’s Little Helper (2004)

[rating:2/5] It's Halloween eve, and 9-year-old Douglas is in for the fright of his life in this chilling horror tale. Dressed as "Satan's Little Helper" (from his favorite video game), Douglas goes out trick-or-treating and meets a guy dressed as the monstrous boss from the same video game. Staying true to the game, Doug offers to be his assistant, unaware that the masked man is really a serial killer on a Halloween murdering spree. Continue reading

Scary Stories 3 More Tales to Chill Your Bones by Alvin Schwartz (Book Review)

Here are more hair-raising tales that will make your flesh creep, from a master teller of the world’s scariest stories. Who is the Wolf girl? Why is a hearse filled with men with yellow glowing eyes? Can a nightmare become reality? How do you avoid an appointment with Death? Alvin Schwartz's Scary Stories 3 joins his other popular collections of scary folklore, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark and More Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, to give readers spooky, funny and fantastic tales guaranteed to raise goose bumps.

I had been trying to track down these “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” books a long time ago. I owned them all but couldn’t find them for the life of me... Continue reading

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz (Book Review)

[rating:2/5] A collection of horrific tales to captivate readers. There is a story here for every reader. Tales of lovers who come back from the dead, skeletons with torn and tangled flesh who roam the earth, and people who stand on graves to be grabbed by death. Continue reading

Simon Says (2006)

Five college students decide to spend their vacation digging for gold, they find the perfect place to camp out, only to find out that area was the scene of a massacre. They end up crossing paths with Simon and Stanley (both played by Crispin Glover), backwoods twin brothers with a fondness for booby traps rigged with flying pickaxes. Now, the teens must claw their way out of the woods without springing one of the brothers' ingeniously lethal snares.

You must know that this movie isn’t what I would call good. The plot isn’t very good, but its not horrible. Its one of those movies where the backstory can be told in one small paragraph but that’s okay, you don’t really need more. Its nothing special, but come on, most horror movies aren’t. It also doesn’t take itself completely serious... Continue reading

ThanksKilling (2009)

While on their way home for Thanksgiving break, five college kids run afoul of a homicidal turkey that wants them dead. As the cursed bird hunts them down one by one, the survivors scramble to find a way to defeat the possessed creature. Will the bloodthirsty turkey make this their last Thanksgiving feast ever?

Are you a fan of horribly bad movies? Are you a fan of intentionally horribly bad movies that make you laugh? If not, don't bother with the movie. It really isn't a HORROR movie. Its more like a skit that would be done on MadTV or SNL... Continue reading

The Lost Boys (1987)

[rating:5/5] After his brother, Michael (Jason Patric), drinks blood and gets mixed up with a rough biker gang rumored to be a coven of vampires, Sam (Corey Haim) and his two vampire-hunter friends -- armed with garlic and water pistols full of holy water -- try to rid the town of evil. Joel Schumacher directs this cult 1980s classic thriller, which co-stars Kiefer Sutherland, Jami Gertz, Dianne Wiest, Corey Feldman and Edward Herrmann. Continue reading

The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe (2008)

[rating:3/5] When their parents die in a car accident, Chris Emerson (Tad Hilgenbrink) and his sister, Nicole (Autumn Reeser), move to a California beach town to live with their quirky Aunt Jillian, where Nicole falls for a local surfer, who, unbeknownst to her, is a vampire. Soon enough, Chris finds himself battling a whole gang of vampire surfers in an effort to rescue his sister. Corey Feldman co-stars in this sequel to 1987's Lost Boys. Continue reading

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