Another Kind (2013)

What begins a casual snowshoeing expedition, turns into an unspeakable disaster for a group of unprepared hikers. Deep into the snowy Catskills the group suddenly discovers they have no map coupled with the mysterious disappearance of their hiking poles. The cold nights reverberate with eery feelings among the campers and the apparent sound of frightening footsteps outside their tents...

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Chillerama (2011)

The screams -- and laughs -- come fast and furious in this anthology of four tongue-in-cheek horror tales, each from a different writer/director. The baddies range from a gang of gay "werebears" and a monster sperm to Nazi madmen and zombies.

I went into this movie not knowing a thing about it other then Adam Green had something to do with it. I love his films Hatchet & Frozen, and that’s why I requested this to review on BluRay... Continue reading

Creepshow 2 (1987)

In an homage to the works of EC Comics the rotting but amiable Creep introduces this anthology of three gruesome tales written by the master of horror, Stephen King. In the first story, a wooden statue of a Native American comes to exact vengeance on the murderer of his elderly owners. In the second, four teens are stranded on a raft on a lake with a blob that is hungry. And in the third, a hit and run woman is terrorized by the hitchhiker she accidentally killed...

I rented this movie a LOT as a teenager, I loved it. For some reason I didn’t see the first one until I was in my mid to late 20’s, and I wasn’t a huge fan of it... Continue reading

Haunted Massachusetts by Cheri Revai (Book Review)

[rating:3.5/5] Massachusetts is home to many strange and ghostly stories handed down for generations, from vengeful witches and tragic ghosts to UFOs and monsters. This book tells the best stories of the state by region. Featuring: The Legend of Lucy Keyes, The Dover Demon, The Black Flash, The Lizzie Borden House and North America’s First UFO. Continue reading

Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988)

For Kirsty Cotton nightmares never end. Still fresh in her fevered memory are her father's skinned corpse, the evil machinations of her uncle Frank's reanimated body and the unspeakable perversity of the Cenobites. But the worst is yet to come. From beyond the Outer Darkness, from the darkest regions of the imagination comes Hellbound: Hellraiser II.

So this time around the daughter from the first movie is locked up in a loony bin because of what happened to her in the first film. She has a couple funny lines, especially “you have got to destroy that mattress!!” just the way it was delivered cracked me up. Anyhow we get a little recap of the end of the first movie right in the beginning... Continue reading

Hellraiser IV: Bloodline (1996)

[rating:2/5] Spanning four centuries, this petrifying Gothic thriller recounts the anguished past of the L'Merchant clan, who unwittingly fashioned the puzzle box that unlocked the gates of Hades and unleashed the monstrous Cenobites. As Pinhead and his band of diabolical demons propagate evil on Earth, three generations of L'Merchants battle the legions of darkness to annihilate Pinhead ... permanently. Continue reading

Jason Goes to Hell (1993)

Jason has been tracked down by an FBI task force and blown to smithereens. But it doesn't appear to have stopped him. In the cold dim morgue the coroner deems Jason's heart tasteful and takes a huge bite out of it, transferring Jason's dark spirit into his body. However, the body will is not strong enough to carry such an evil spirit, and soon he must find another one, one that fits him better, one that is related to him by blood. The body of his sister, or his niece….

I honestly had no clue that I was going to review this today, otherwise I would have paid more attention to it while I watched it in my chat room with a friend... Continue reading

Mothman (2010)

In this made for TV movie (SyFy Original), a group of friends band together to hide the truth about an accidental death of one of their friends one night while out partying on a lake. 10 years later aspiring journalist Katherine is asked to return to her hometown and cover the annual Mothman Festival. There she is reunited with her old friends, and soon enough the Mothman appears and begins killing her friends one by one...

So in my reviews I don’t normally give spoilers, but wow, the beginning of this was fricking STUPID. This group of kids go swimming and bring along one of their little brothers... Continue reading

Run by Blake Crouch (Book Review)

A rash of bizarre murders swept the country…Senseless. Brutal. Seemingly unconnected.A cop walked into a nursing home and unloaded his weapons on elderly and staff alike.A mass of school shootings. Prison riots of unprecedented brutality. Mind-boggling acts of violence in every state. They’re reading the names of those to be killed on the Emergency Broadcast System. You are listening over the battery-powered radio on your kitchen table, and they’ve just read yours. People are coming to your house to kill you and your family. You don’t know why, but you don’t have time to think about that any more. You only have time to….RUN Continue reading

Scary Stories for Stormy Nights by R.C. Welch (Book Review)

[rating:3.5/5] Get ready to meet a camping buddy that might just turn out to be an alien, or a strange group of people who can change themselves into just about anything. It’s all here in Scary Stories for Stormy Nights, ready to rain buckets of bone-chilling fun on everyone! Continue reading

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