100 Feet (2008)

After killing her abusive cop husband, Mike, Marnie returns to New York to serve the remainder of her manslaughter sentence under house arrest. But Mike's vengeful ghost isn't done taunting her in this gripping supernatural thriller. Meanwhile, Mike's ex-partner keeps close tabs on Marnie, who must wear an ankle bracelet that doesn't allow her to escape -- let alone move past a 100-foot radius.

I had come across this a time or two on Netflix but based on the limited description of it, I didn’t bother with it. Then I came across a review on another horror review blog... Continue reading

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

A re-imagining of the 1984 slasher classic about Freddy Krueger, a serial-killer who crosses the boundary between dreams and the waking world to gut his victims with his razor-sharp blade-fingered glove. As Nancy and her friends fight for their lives, they also uncover clues to a shocking secret from their past.

First off, let me say, I’m not a huge fan of the original Nightmare on Elm Street series. Yes, I grew up in the 80s with Freddy, Jason and Michael. But for some reason I just never liked the ANOES series very much... Continue reading

A Stir of Echoes by Richard Matheson (Book Review)

Tom Wallace lived an ordinary life, until a chance event awakened psychic abilities he never knew he possessed. Now he's hearing the private thoughts of the people around him-and learning shocking secrets he never wanted to know. But as Tom's existence becomes a waking nightmare, even greater jolts are in store as he becomes the unwilling recipient of a compelling message from beyond the grave! This book inspired the acclaimed 1999 film starring Kevin Bacon.

I’m a sucker for reading books that were eventually made into movies. I like to read them before I see the movie if and when possible. Most of the time I don’t realize there is a book before watching the movie though. That was the case with this book... Continue reading

Broken Rule by Joshua Scribner (Book Review)

This is a very short story about two couples who are stranded when their car breaks down and are being chased by something evil. They find a house that has a sign stating that evil cannot enter so they take refuge in it.

This story is probably no more then 10 real pages, if that. On the kindle it actually ends at 80% and the last 20% is a preview chapter of the authors next book. In Kindle language it is 254 “locations” and it ends on location 203... Continue reading

Campfire Tales (1997)

After four teenage friends crash their car, they discover a deserted church nearby and decide to wait there for help. To pass the time, they recount well-known urban legends with twists.

Please please please, do not confuse this movie with the shitty movie called Campfire Stories. That ones a piece of crap, while this one is really good. (I haven’t seen the “Campfire Tales” film with Gunner Hansen so I can’t tell you about that one.) But this one has been a favorite of mine since I first saw it. In fact, I have GOT to get my niece (16yrs old) and nephew (13yrs old) to watch this next week. I’m sure I could spook them silly with it, as I did with their sister... Continue reading

Chain Letter 2 The Ancient Evil by Christopher Pike (Book Review)

After receiving a chain letter, a group of teens decides it must be a joke--after all, the perpetrator of the original chain letter is dead and buried. But when Fran refuses to perform her "deed", she is severely punished, and the group realizes that the power behind the letters is still alive.

I think I’d only read this book once as a teen and I didn’t like it overall. Going into it this time around I couldn’t remember much, but as I kept reading things came back to me... Continue reading

Child’s Play (1988)

[rating:3/5] Before cops gun down real serial killer Charles (Chucky) Lee Ray, he invokes a spell that transfers his soul into the body of a toy store doll. The doll ends up as a birthday present for 6 year old Andy. When a rash of murders ensues, Andy knows that Chucky is the one behind it. But neither the police nor his mother believe him. Continue reading

Crack in the Glass by Jonathan Carter (Book Review)

Gina Sanders thought she would be proudly representing Gamma Beta on the popular ghost hunting-reality game show Graveyard Shift and net herself a comfy little nest egg for her segue from college to the real world. It should have been a piece of cake — do a little ghost hunting, fulfill the dares put in front of her, and walk away with a cool $20,000 after giving up a few screams for television. It should have been a piece of cake.

This short story runs about 10 actual pages, and started off like so many ghost hunting shows I’ve seen over the years. It most specifically reminded me of MTV’s Fear… Continue reading

Cut (2000)

The cast and crew of the horror flick Hot Blooded get a shock when a mysterious killer slaughters their director. Now, each time someone tries to complete the film there's another brutal slaying. But a little massacre isn't going to stop the next batch of bright would-be filmmakers: They'll finish the film if it kills them -- and it probably will -- in this gory horror flick starring Molly Ringwald.

Not a whole lot to say about this movie honestly. It's pretty straight forward, nothing awful, but nothing great. Continue reading

Dark House (2009)

Trying to exorcise her worst memories, Claire returns to the foster home where she witnessed a terrible massacre years ago. But she and her friends soon find they've been locked inside with an evil spirit who wants to perpetrate another mass murder.

Had this one in my Netflix Queue for awhile before I finally watched it last night. I expected crap from this flick but instead got a mixed bag. While the acting and production values were pretty decent, other then a few CGI scenes I didn’t care for, the overall plot was interesting... Continue reading

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