Ghost Hunting: True Stories of Unexplained Phenomena from The Atlantic Paranormal Society (Book Review)

The Atlantic Paranormal Society, also known as T.A.P.S., is the brainchild of two plumbers by day, paranormal investigators by night: Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. The duo can be seen on SciFi's Ghost Hunters. Here you can read the stories of some of their most memorable investigations. Featuring both cases depicted on Ghost Hunters and earlier T.A.P.S. adventures never told before now, this frightening collection will challenge everything you thought you knew about the spirit world.

I don't really review books much. But after reading this I really felt I had to say something. So, here is a reprint of what I recently wrote on Camp Blood's Forum. The first few chapters are a little interesting, they tell of different haunted locations that were not featured on the show, but its only 2-3 pages per case. I suppose for some there isn't too much to go in depth with, but in a few of the stories they don't continue on with the obvious...such as chapter 5... Continue reading

Harper’s Island: The Complete Series (2009)

In this whodunit TV series that aired in 2009, a group of friends visit a secluded island off the coast of Washington for a destination wedding -- but the festivities are cut short by murder, and the guests realize they are trapped with the killer. The murderer claims a new victim in each episode and everyone is a suspect, forcing the survivors to figure out who is behind the sinister plot, and how they can get back to the mainland alive.

I’m a huge fan of the game Clue, and the movie which was based on the board game, so when this series came along, I was very excited. I tried watching it back when it was on TV. But I couldn’t get into the first episode, and ended up missing parts of it... Continue reading

Holliston (2012) The First Season

Two down-on-their-luck aspiring horror movie filmmakers try to break out of their small hometown of Holliston, Mass., and into the Hollywood big leagues while struggling to make ends meet and learning to deal with the opposite sex. Starring horror directors Adam Green and Joe Lynch.

Being that I have “liked” Adam Green’s page on Facebook, I’ve often seen his updates regarding FearNet’s first original show, Holliston. But in all honesty, I had no idea what it was about... Continue reading

Mothman (2010)

In this made for TV movie (SyFy Original), a group of friends band together to hide the truth about an accidental death of one of their friends one night while out partying on a lake. 10 years later aspiring journalist Katherine is asked to return to her hometown and cover the annual Mothman Festival. There she is reunited with her old friends, and soon enough the Mothman appears and begins killing her friends one by one...

So in my reviews I don’t normally give spoilers, but wow, the beginning of this was fricking STUPID. This group of kids go swimming and bring along one of their little brothers... Continue reading

Stephen King’s The Stand (1994)

When a lethal virus developed in a government lab accidentally filters into the general population, a devastating plague ravages the globe, leaving few survivors. Those who remain are compelled to follow one of two mysterious figures, leading to an immense winner-take-all battle between good and evil. Adapted from Stephen King's novel.

I saw this for the first time YEARS ago, probably back when I was 15ish, so sometime in 1997, and I recall LOVING it. I even tried to read the book once, and that’s like 1000 pages or close to it. I got halfway through the book and lost it. Found it a year or so later with the bookmark still in it, but I couldn't pick it back up from there. So I gave up... Continue reading

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