Carriers (2009)

Four young people are traveling in search of a place to ride out the virus that has taken over the world. They have three rules they live by; 1. Avoid the infected at all costs. Their breath is highly contagious. 2. Disinfect anything they've touched in the last 24 hours. 3. The sick are already dead. They can't be saved. You break the rules, you die. You follow them, you live.

It sounded like a decent movie to me. I heard it compared to Stephen King's The Stand in one Netflix review, and I LOVED The Stand. I might have gotten myself a little hyped up and expected too much. While this movie wasn't bad, it didn't have a whole hell of a lot going for it either... Continue reading

Helter Skelter by Bryan Cassiday (Book Review)

[rating:2/5] Evildoers run riot across the sun-drenched Southern California landscape in Helter Skelter. Zombies, vampires, and other wicked creatures wreak mayhem and carnage in these shocking horror short stories by Bryan Cassiday. Not all of these tales feature supernatural creatures. Some of the evil creatures are human--perhaps the most terrifying creature of all. These stories defy logic, yet they obey their own inexorable logic of fear. Continue reading

Run by Blake Crouch (Book Review)

A rash of bizarre murders swept the country…Senseless. Brutal. Seemingly unconnected.A cop walked into a nursing home and unloaded his weapons on elderly and staff alike.A mass of school shootings. Prison riots of unprecedented brutality. Mind-boggling acts of violence in every state. They’re reading the names of those to be killed on the Emergency Broadcast System. You are listening over the battery-powered radio on your kitchen table, and they’ve just read yours. People are coming to your house to kill you and your family. You don’t know why, but you don’t have time to think about that any more. You only have time to….RUN Continue reading

Stephen King’s The Stand (1994)

When a lethal virus developed in a government lab accidentally filters into the general population, a devastating plague ravages the globe, leaving few survivors. Those who remain are compelled to follow one of two mysterious figures, leading to an immense winner-take-all battle between good and evil. Adapted from Stephen King's novel.

I saw this for the first time YEARS ago, probably back when I was 15ish, so sometime in 1997, and I recall LOVING it. I even tried to read the book once, and that’s like 1000 pages or close to it. I got halfway through the book and lost it. Found it a year or so later with the bookmark still in it, but I couldn't pick it back up from there. So I gave up... Continue reading

The Bay (2012) – Mini Review

A gruesome tale of ecological horror that follows unfolding events in a seaside Maryland town as a deadly menace infests the bay and turns residents into hosts for mutant parasites.

I’m trying something new here. Quite often I don’t have much to say about a movie, so I end up not bothering to write a review, and then a couple weeks later I regret it. So, from now on I will do “Mini Reviews” where I just write an overall paragraph or two about what I thought.

The Bay is a movie about a parasite in fish that somehow has found its way into humans. Now, I’ve watched a few parasite movies in my life, and I don’t remember actually seeing nasty bugs, so I wasn’t even thinking about that when I started watching this one... Continue reading

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