The Frozen (2012)

After a snowmobile accident, a young couple is stranded in the woods and must survive while waiting for help to arrive. Events take a turn for the worse after the disappearance of Emma's boyfriend, leaving her on her own not only to battle the elements, but also to elude a mysterious hunter who is tracking her through the forest.

This one was recommended by a fellow horror fan. One who normally recommends stuff I really end up loving, such as the film Frozen, and the book Evil (wow, neither are reviewed here yet!). But this one I just couldn’t get into... Continue reading

Friday The 13th by Simon Hawke (Book Review)

It was going to be a fun summer at Camp Crystal. The young counselors were getting ready for it while they joked about the scary rumors attached to the isolated camp. But evil was waiting in the shadows as the sun set. The laughter turned to screams...the easy living to agonized dying. For the light had gone and the wind was howling and it was -- Friday The 13th. This is the novelization to the hit Horror movie Friday The 13th.

These novelizations to the Friday The 13th movies are one of the hardest items to win on Ebay. Unless you are willing to spend $75+ for a good copy... Continue reading

Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet (2009)

[rating:2/5] Local teens have long commemorated the death of "Mary Hatchet" -- a girl who took an ax and killed her family in the 1970s -- with the aptly named Blood Night. But things never got truly bloody until Mary's ghost decided to make an appearance. Dead bodies are piling up, and Mary seems to be calling the shots. But there are secrets about her past that have yet to be uncovered. Continue reading

The Ruins (2008)

The film follows four American friends on vacation in Cancún, Mexico. They meet a German tourist and he persuades them to join his hunt for his younger brother, Henrich, last seen headed off with a girl to some ruins she and her archaeological dig group are working on. The four soon regret their impulsive decision after they find the group missing, and the locals won't allow them to leave. Based on the novel by Scott B. Smith.

I read the book shortly before the movie came out to theaters. I got into it not knowing anything about it, and I was really disappointed once I knew what it really was about. This is a spoiler, but its one I think everyone should know...the movie is about intelligent vines that kill people. Yes, killer plants..... Continue reading

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