Crack in the Glass by Jonathan Carter (Book Review)

Gina Sanders thought she would be proudly representing Gamma Beta on the popular ghost hunting-reality game show Graveyard Shift and net herself a comfy little nest egg for her segue from college to the real world. It should have been a piece of cake — do a little ghost hunting, fulfill the dares put in front of her, and walk away with a cool $20,000 after giving up a few screams for television. It should have been a piece of cake.

This short story runs about 10 actual pages, and started off like so many ghost hunting shows I’ve seen over the years. It most specifically reminded me of MTV’s Fear… Continue reading

Road Trip by J. Tanner (Book Review)

In exchange for a burger and a chocolate shake, Shan’s elderly neighbor, Mr. Parker, lures him away from a day of video games with talk of seeing zombies on television and going to kill them. As they get further from home, Shan becomes more and more concerned that Mr. Parker has gone from amusingly eccentric to crazy...

When I originally purchased this (for free) I was under the impression that it was horror. I read a couple reviews after I purchased it that cleared up the fact that no, it was not really horror... Continue reading

Dead Man Walking by Marty Shaw (Book Review)

Griffin knew watching an inmate being put to death wouldn't be fun, but he never expected Callahan to return as something less than human. Now Griffin, along with a handful of officers and inmates, are trapped within the walls of a prison as a legion of the walking dead stalk them for food. The choice is simple - fight back or die.

Seeing how this is a short story, there isn’t all that much to write about in response to how I liked the story other then saying I loved it... Continue reading

Incident On and Off a Mountain Road by Joe R. Lansdale (Book Review)

Chased through the woods at night by the maniacal Moon Face after a car accident, Ellen defends herself by rigging a series of booby traps she learned from her cruel survivalist husband. But her tricks may not be enough to stave off the creepy predator. This is a short story that was later adapted into an episode of Masters of Horror on Showtime in 2006.

I saw the Masters of Horror episode of this story back when it first came out. I watched a few more episodes and didn't like them. From my recollection, this one was the best one I had seen... Continue reading

Ouija Be My Friend? by Tarrin P. Lupo (Book Review)

When twin sisters are stuck trying to entertain themselves while visiting with their grandfather at a nursing home, they find there is far more to an old Ouija board then just a fun time. A free short story from

This was a very quick read. Maybe 10 minutes or so. It was a decent concept, aimed completely at young adults (which I didn‘t realize when I downloaded it). But the main characters attitudes and swearing got on my nerves. There was no need for it... Continue reading

Broken Rule by Joshua Scribner (Book Review)

This is a very short story about two couples who are stranded when their car breaks down and are being chased by something evil. They find a house that has a sign stating that evil cannot enter so they take refuge in it.

This story is probably no more then 10 real pages, if that. On the kindle it actually ends at 80% and the last 20% is a preview chapter of the authors next book. In Kindle language it is 254 “locations” and it ends on location 203... Continue reading

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